Login with Office 365 (SketchUp Shop)

I see that it is possible to login with a Microsoft/O365 account in the education version.

I would like to login to a SketchUp Shop the same way, except I would be using a Microsoft/O365 work account. I am an Azure AD admin and know how to configure SAML settings, but see no indication that it’s supported or possible.

Is there any way to setup SSO with Office 365?

For anyone interested in using Azure AD to login to SketchUp Web, I was able to get this working by federating my login through GCP Identity. In essence, SketchUp asks Google if my credentials are valid. Google forwards the request to Azure AD. Azure AD responds to Google. Finally, Google responds to SketchUp.

I don’t recommend this unless you’re comfortable with cloud concepts, and at least a passing familiarity with Azure, SAML, web authentication, and GCP. If that’s you, here’s a really good guide for setting things up: https://cloud.google.com/solutions/federating-gcp-with-azure-ad-configuring-provisioning-and-single-sign-on

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