Login to Viewer on Android

System does not seem to recognize my Google Account login which I have always used for 3D Warehouse. I get an error message when I try to click on that option, and then when I try to login by typing the same information into the fields it does not recognize my information. Appreciate some help please.

This is a stab in the dark:

I often don’t have to enter a password when I do a lot of things because I’ve delegated that task to a password manager - allowing me to use distinct, completely random passwords for all the places that require login.

This can (and has been) a problem with newly installed apps on my Android devices (tablet and phone) because it’s too easy to make a mistake transcribing the password from my password vault for entry into the app. It can (and has) resulted in similar problems with accessing an existing account.

My solution has occasionally been to reset the password to something easily remembered. Then entering it as necessary in various places - including my password vault. Then I generate a NEW random password - write it down carefully - and use it to set my app access setting. I shred the paper immediately after I confirm that the new random password is working everywhere I need it to work.

Hope this helps!

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