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I just wand to login in order to do someting on my 3D warehouse models … Login into my Google Account works, ,but trimple doesn’t work … and simply hangs at https://identity.trimble.com/commonauth


Thanks for the report, I’m seeing the same problem. I’ll see if I can get in touch with the team that’s responsible for it.


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We’re looking. Thanks for the reports.

We think we have it fixed. Report here if you’re not seeing the aame thing. Thanks again for your help in reporting this.

When this was first “fixed” login was very, very slow and didn’t always work the first time. Now it seems to be better, but it is IMO still slower than before the problems started.


Yes, it appears slower, but working. If it is NOT working for any of you, you may need to clear cache & cookies on PC/IE or Mac/Safari.

To test this before clearing them, bring up a Private Browsing window in PC/IE or Mac/Safari, and try to sign in to 3dwarehouse or extensions.sketchup.com. If you can successfully sign in there, it means your cookies & cache are messed up.

Additionally for in-client PC, see the threads on removing session.dat and cookiejar.xml if the issue persists.

We’re working on making it faster now.


Once you get “has been authorized”, go back to 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse, and then click Sign In, and it should work after that.

If you are continuing to experience issues logging into 3D Warehouse, please perform the following steps:

Windows Users: Here are a few thoughts:
Clear IE cookies. Win users have a directory that holds one or two files you can delete.
It is here for 2015: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\SketchUp
Delete cookiejar.xml and session.dat if you have one or both of them. Please let us know your results.

Mac Users: You “must” clear cookies in Safari, even if you have never used Safari. Safari is what SketchUp is using. Be sure to clearyour Safari cookies if you can’t login to the Forum or SketchUp through the SketchUp client. Also, test Safari. If you have trouble clearing User Data, just open a New Private Browsing window (in older Mac versions, it’s under the Safari menu; in newer versions, it’s under the File menu). That essentially clears things for that session. Caveat: Remember to turn Private Browsing off, too. Please let us know your results.

We found a condition last night that affects some users. It’s a low percentage, so for a vast majority of you, the notes above will fix. If you try to sign in, and get a page that says “The application has been authorized”, and aren’t in fact logged in, we’re working on a fix.

We think this is fixed now. If you’re having any issues after clearing all cookies, please report as a new issue.

In fact, that condition was exactly my case. In Firefox, IE or SketchUp itself - all my attempts to sign in was futile, all I got that way was a famous “The application has been authorized”. Clearing cookies in IE and deleting that two files (cookiejar.xml and session.dat) not helped at all. Even more, I wasn’t able to log in here, simply to ask help. :smile:
After two days I resolved this puzzle, methinks complete accidental. I tried sign up instead of sign in. When I saw 3 circular indicators, logging me in as usual, and after that - registration form. After that, all my attempts to login in browser or SketchUp was fully succesful.
I don’t know would be this information helpful in any way, but that’s my story.

P.S.: excuse me my awful English, it’s not my native.

It is useful. Thanks, @SorrowShine.

We’ve been looking through logs, and we’re seeing a bunch of people with accounts gtempaccount.com. Here’s an explanation of how you get into this state, from Google: How a conflicting account is created - Google Account Help

If your account is in this state, please fix the problem with Google before trying to log in using this Google-created temp account.