Login problem with pro 2020

I’m both having a problem logging into my pro account, changing the password (the password change option was tried given that it was saying the password was incorrect…despite my personal assurance it was the right password), and now the account login page has been frozen in the “suspended for too many login attempts, try back in 30 min” for days. Email communication is not working, no one is replying to my replies, and whatever email the team did tell me to look for is not in my junk or regular email. I need communication from a customer service agent to resolve this issue as I have been trying the non person to person solutions with no resolution for well over a week.

Well, this is the public forum, there might be a team member somewhere around. If @colin has a break, he might get into it.

I understand. If I had any access to any private support, I would use it. But the problem seems to be software related at the login point, so I also recognize the public need to have access to resolution insight.

As I have tried one more time to access my account, the problem has now reverted to the original problem of suspending/freezing at the final stage of password change.
To put another way, I am no longer “locked out”, was able to try to reset my password (which is what I was able to try the first time my password was not working) but the password reset page is now frozen in a phase where the password is entered, accepted due to duplicates matching and password type being accepted BUT I clicked on the final “set password” step button (and lightened in color to indicate the “button” was clicked) and now it seems frozen and not progressing to a final reset of the password.

Is this a cookies problem, or a location authentication issue i.e. something higher in the chain of problems causing the inability for the final password step to be be authenticated?

If the web page is freezing when you submit the password, that would sound like a specific browser issue.

I can see that at the moment the system has locked you out because of too many failed attempts to sign in.

I’m sure this is tedious by now, but could you try the Forgot password option again, only this time through enter a new password with a different browser?

For anyone chancing across this topic, the problem turned out to be the password that was being used. Trimble ID passwords need to have a special character, but it seems that the password submission code doesn’t like there to be a few special characters.

The symptom is that at the moment you set the password the page stalls, instead of showing a green “password reset successfully” box. The password you tried never got through. If that happens, go back to the reset password link you received moments ago in the email, and this time choose a simpler password. One special character should be secure enough.

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