Login not taking my email :(

Hi, Extension Warehouse is not logging in with my email, although the email exists. I didn’t see any other sketchup register on the sketchup.com site or the program on laptop.
Who knows how to get to the Extension Warehouse ?


Can you sign into google with anything other then a email that ends with @gmail.com?

See the “Create account” link below the sign in box ? Use it to create a Google account.

ADD: And for more detailed information, see:

Extension Warehouse Guide: Signing in to the Extension Warehouse

Here’s a Google Doc I did on how to open a Google Account with a NON Google email address. Hope it helps!

Thx for answers, so does it mean i need to open another gmail account for the Warehouse ?

My prod@onefh.com email is gmail, just with my own domain.

I believe the email for the Warehouse needs to be the same as the email you used when you registered SketchUp. If that is the email you included above, than it should work AS a gmail account.

But I don’t think that email address IS a google account. Although you say it’s gmail, just with your own domain, if it’s one you access THROUGH gmail using POP or IMAP, than it’s NOT a Google account. And if you have a Google Apps Domain “onefh com”, then Google should have recognized the account.

In order to use the Warehouse, you can use ANY email address - as long as it’s the one Trimble already knows! And it does have to be a Google Account (not just an email address you access through GMAIL). So, - yes - if the email you used for the Warehouse isn’t a Google account, you need to create a Google account with that email!

ok thx. Yes i have a Google Apps Domain “onefh.com” and was wondering why it was not accepted, since the sign in indicated “one google login for all”.
In Sketchup or at sketchup.com i didn’t see a sign-up. My sketchup community emailk is prod@onefh.com, which i also tried with the Warehouse but it didn’t catch.

It looks to me like the problem is with Google not recognizing your email, not with anything on SketchUp’s side.

I tried your email to begin to sign in to Google and I got the same message that Google doesn’t recognize the email. Only thing I can think of is that you let payments for your domain lapse. I’d suggest following up with Google.

If that doesn’t work AND you have SketchUp PRO - contact SketchUp about resetting your licence, forum and 3D/Extension warehouse logins to an some other email address.

You can contact tech support - for Pro users only, or go through their licensing troubleshooter

Hey Steven, thx. I found an old email with @gmail.com and it worked right away :slight_smile: