Login Issues so that I can use Geolocation and 3D Warehouse

I am using Sketchup 2018. The icon at bottom left shows that I am logged in, but when I try to use Geolocation or 3D warehouse it says I need to be logged in.
When I click on Account Icon it comes up with

Sorry, we’re not sure what your final destination is.

Where would you like to go?

SketchUp for Web
3D Warehouse
Extension Warehouse
SketchUp Viewer
SketchUp Community Forums

If you were trying to sign in to the SketchUp Desktop Application or the Sefaira Plugin please return to that application to continue signing in.

So how do I sign in?

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2017 and 2018 don’t really work with the web services anymore. The Components tray lets you search for things in the 3D Warehouse, and if you click the thumbnail of something it should download into your scene ok.

But, even if you did get the 3D Warehouse window working, it doesn’t give you a 2018 format file to download. The only option if it’s not working is to open 3D Warehouse in a browser, and download the Collada version of the file. That will import into your file ok.