Login Issues if you log out


We’ve had a handful of reports from folks that have logged out of the forum, then when they try to login it never completes and they have no way to get back into the forum to post anything.

@sam is there a recent change on the Discourse side that might be affecting this? I’ll track down a screenshot, or @ChrisFullmer might be able to just do it for me since he can reproduce the issue.


Oh, beat ya to it chris… here is the SS


Sorry, having a look at this issue right now, will update you once I figure
out what is wrong.


I just tested, looks like an issue on your side

http://accounts.sketchup.com/openid/provider is coming back as an error
here, looks like your open id provider is playing up, the staging one seems
fine though.


Thanks @sam, maybe this is a question for @swishstar then. Steve, do you have any guesses about our OpenID?


FYI for any Forum folks checking in. It doesn’t look like clearing the cache and cookies in your browser fixes the issue but you may be able to use the forum by opening a different browser and looking there. You can see from this thread that we are looking into it though.


I tried via chrome (first time I visited this site with chrome) and was still unable to login.
(I’m normally on safari)

I’m posting this from my phone which has kept me logged in from previous visits.