Log In Troubleshooting

Hello, My name is Morgan, Sketchup User.
I’ve created an account with “mangrove” Id a long time ago.
Unfortunately, I’m not able to log in and upload new models, so I created a new account.
Is there a possibility for Sketchup to send me back the Log In Id and Password using the email adress that was used for the “mangrove” account creation?

Sorry didn’t say that it was in 3D warehouse sharing model account.

Hi Morgan,

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble accessing your 3D Warehouse models.

3D Warehouse has always relied on Google’s identity service for log in. Which means that we don’t have access your password information and are thus, unable to help you recover it.

Your best bet would be to try to recall the Google ID that you used to create your original 3D Warehouse account and then try to use Google’s password recovery service to recover or reset your password.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

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