Log in issues

Im trying to open a sketch up file in a shared dropbox file. When I click on it it takes me a to a ‘ready to try your 30 day free trial page’ and won’t let me access even though I’m signed in. I can open sketch up normally by clicking the app logo? Any ideas? thanks in advance.

It’s best practice to not work directly from or save directly to a cloud service.
Download the file to your local drive, open it from there, save it there and upload or sync to the cloud after that…

Your hotmail address only has the trial that you just started, and a Go subscription. Go doesn’t cover opening files in the desktop version. You could view the file in the web version using your Go subscription.

If you do also have a Pro subscription, make sure you’re signed in with the email address that subscription is assigned to.

Thank you, but I thought I had a full subscription. I’ve been working on this for a couple of years now and have been opening files? not sure why its suddenly changed?