Log in error message

My log in issue has never been resolved. Still receive error message when trying to log in. Our schools domain ends in .org not .edu. The domain is dishchiibikoh.org. Your assistance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Ping @CaseyG , they were here earlier today solving stuff, it’s still friday - day of work in boulder, they might help still.

That is odd. I can confirm that you were added to the database correctly @rlw1958 and that the servers are working today so my best guess is that something might have gone wrong with the deployment process. Can you run through the deployment steps and make sure that everything was done correctly? if that does not work, we may need to get some additional details or screenshots to figure out the issue

What are the deployment steps?

Great question @rlw1958. The deployment process is outlined in these videos.

Thankyou for your help issue is resolved.

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