Lofted solid problem

Hi…hope to find help…trying to use attached solid to make parts from…using eneroth trim I keep getting problems…holes in solid…

Probably too small, try scaling up, or give us a model to check.

new lofted male.skp (385.8 KB)
Sorry…thought I did

Ummmmmm, that is a model of one single solid, what exactly do you want to do with it?
Oh, and quite the reverse, your geometry is on Layer Stacked PLY column 1 and the group is on Layer 0.

After turning on View->Hidden Geometry, it becomes clear that you already have a lot of quite small detail. So @Box is on the money that you are going to get problems with lost small edges unless you scale up, for example using the “Dave method”.

Edit: you’ve also got a stray edge located far from the group. Sooner or later it will cause problems with zooming or clipping!

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There is also a stray edge at a distance from the origin which will cause problems.

oh…ok…layers came from imported model…thanks…

The goal is to make the solid shown out of stacked solids that are 3/4" in height…this is a column made of stacked ply…I am doing this to create stl to run on cnc router…

I was hoping to use the trim solid for this as I would make a solid off solid in model and then bring 3/4 solid pieces to mold to get stacked pieces that add up to original solid.

So you want to slice it in 3/4" sections horizontally?

yes…with solids as result…

You might want to try Tig’s Slicer which is available at Sketchucation.
I got this from your model.

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Just in case you were wondering about the solids part.

Wow!! How did you do that?

Can you upload file?

No, I didn’t save the file.
We are here to help you use the software, not do it for you.
I can give you a specific link to the plugin I used but you should already be there from the information I gave you earlier.

that would be great…did you have to repair original solid?

Hi…just saw reference to tigs slicer…works in 2017?

Hi…Got it to work…sort of…if you look at result after…there are steps in each piece where the angle changes…not in original…also the resulting solid that solid inspector is good gives bad result as stl in cam…see screenshot …not sure what I am doing wrong?.. thanks

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