Locked out

I’ve been having problems with SU-Free crashing. I decided to try it on an alternate computer. It wouldn’t let me log in. (just said username or password were incorrect. Now I’m locked out for 30 minutes.

So I went back to my sketchy (pun intended) computer and I appeared to be still logged in. So I logged out and tried to log back in, but now this computer was locked out.

My guess is that you can’t be logged into the same account on two computers. This is actually a good thing. But it could have told me I must log out of the other computer first instead of locking me out.

Has anyone else had this experience? (still waiting)

You can be logged in on as many machines as you like. Whatever went wrong with logging in on the other computer led to you being locked out, and during that time it doesn’t matter where you try to log in, the system knows you been locked out.

If it didn’t work that way someone with enough computers could make lots of attempts to figure out your password. If they got locked out on one computer but not locked out on all computers, they could move on to their next computer to try some more passwords.

Looking at the email you use with Trimble, you seem to have made the email address specifically for use with Trimble things. Is it possible you were trying to sign in with one of your normal email addresses?

Thanks for the response. I didn’t realize I was locked out. I was using the same email address all the time.

I’m pretty sure it was my computer. I did a wipe/re-install and it’s working fine now.

I think it is a good thing that Trimble has this security feature.

Thanks again.

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