Locked File Warning, how come?

I have gotten an alert saying “Locked File Warning” upon file I last opened yesterday. I check file info in Finder and it is not locked. I am signed into Sketchup and my license is “Active”. I just renewed my SketchUp subscription.
Would appreciate help in sorting this out.
Thanks, Don Foster
Locke File Warning

I get this message once in a while, even when it happens I can find no functional difference in how SketchUp behaves, I can still edit and save everything. I have come to ignore it.

On Mac, that should only appear if you have the file open in another copy of SketchUp. On Windows it’s easier to happen, because each time you double-click a file to one it, it opens in another instance of SketchUp.

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Ah yes, had it open in the viewer app…
Seems back on track.
Thank you!