Lock the workspace to 2 axes

Apologies if already answered somewhere here, but I couldn’t find it.

Is there a way of locking the rotate tool so that once a postion / orientation is attained, no rotation is possible, and the workspace effectively becomes 2d?
This is with a view to making some 2d details that don’t require a greater 3d effort, before taking them into Layout. (I’d rather not be designing 2d details in Layout).
Similar to what Condoc tools does in Draft mode.

Thanks in advance

Hello. A similar thing has been asked here a while ago. Here’s an answer I provided back then.

Thanks I’ll check that out.
However, what I’m really after is the ability to lock to the present orientation - not to a particular blue, red or green axis.
For example, a section of a wall that that isn’t built in alignment with a coloured axis. Once locked, I know I won’t deviate from viewing the wall section straight on / perpendicular to the section / orthographically.

Um, I’m not sure I understood you 100% but from what you’ve said, maybe the Align View command can help you? Select a single face of the wall you’d like to lock to > right click > Align View.

This basically orients the camera to face your selected surface head-on. If this isn’t necessarily what you’re looking for, I’d ask to provide further specific details, so we could know exactly how to help.

I’m sorry, I haven’t been precise.
I wan’t to be able to draw in 2d.
Using Align View is almost it, thanks. In addition, I want to be able to lock that orientation so that I can’t accidentally alter it.
I hope that makes more sense.

Best you could do is create a new scene, save it with the camera checked. Thereafter make sure that the camera is unchecked whenever you update that scene (for any other reason other than the camera position.)

Thanks Dan.
Hm. I think I feel a plugin coming on.

If you are thinking plugin Tig’s Workplane may suit you.

Thanks Box, that might offer a solution.
Checking it out.

Alternatively, you could combine the Align View command with the X-Mouse Button mentioned above. Since the program has a checkmark system for turning on/of the panning feature in SketchUp, you could turn it on, align your view and start working and turn it off when you want to go back to standard panning and orbiting. The only drawback of this suggestion is that you have to go back and forth to X-Mouse to twiddle with the checkmark.