Lock Layout page placement

Hello! I’m new to the SketchUp community but not SketchUp. I should have asked this a long time ago, but anyway here it is…I move between my Layout pages often and sometimes I’ll go to one and it will move to the top of the list of pages and therefore not in order. I’d ike the pages to stay in order. Is there a way to lock them so they will? I can’t seem to find anything about this.
Thanks! Colette

Rearranging page order sounds like you are dragging the pages in the Pages panel instead of simply selecting them. Maybe slowing down a little will help. Alternatively you could changes pages with the Next Page and Previous Page toolbar buttons at the top of the screen.

I have the same issue. The type of mouse does not seem to effect it happening. The issue seemed to come around six months ago. The issue does come and go and I cannot figure out why. I have tryed going very slow and it does not help.

Any help would be appreciated

This is indeed an issue that people face.

Sometimes the mouse "sticks’ to one of the pages. After selecting a page within the Pages menu, and then moving the cursor over a page or some other menu and using the mousewheel scroll, the selected page scrolls up or down within the pages seqeunce.
Some people get it worse than others.

The scrollwheel shouldn’t be tied to page sequence in any way, but it is.
There are other bugs of this nature involving rhe scrollwheel, eg a Model View or other graphical element shifting position on the page.

No real workarounds…You can collapse the visible pages menu and then it wont easily select the items.
Mouse sensitivity or repeat rate might help, or slowing your LayOut working speed down…being very deliberate – click here…click away…click somewhere else… using Escape to “click away” from a menu. But that’s slow and inconvenient.

My “workaround” is to name the pages within my layout odcument using a Number.
eg 10. Site Layout 11. Cross Section 12. Detail
So if they are re-ordered, it’s much easier to see that and put them back into the right sequence.

I think 2022 may be slightly better at avoiding this issue, but im still getting to learn 2022.