Lock Dynamic component question

Hi everyone,
I would like to ask you if there is an option or possibility to lock component and the component will cease redraw so the inner components will not recalculate formulas .
Thanks for any thoughts.

Are you referring to locking dynamic components?

Yes @DaveR I am .
I mean that if lock parent I only redraw the parent component and the child components will cease the possibility to redraw.

OK. I edited the title and moved it to the right category for you.

Thanks didn’t know where to place it.
Dynamic components or ruby.

I expect @pcmoor, our resident Dynamic Component expert will be along and give you some ideas.

Not in the middle of the night though.


Christina Eneroth has made an extension that removes all dynamic information from a component and turns it into a regular component. It is free and can be found in the Extension Warehouse.

There is no native way, locking has little effect as options can by pass the lock.

You can create a script that changes the attributes in the option dialog to read only.
To reinstate the DC instance one swaps it with its definition that resides in a folder.

De-DC-ify is permanent, (swapping does not work) so great for passing a copy of the job to a client, but all reports need to be done prior or in the working model.

If you are into DCs, then you should look into extending their capabilities using ruby