Loading Sketchup Files from Mac Desktop to Android Mobile

How do I get to see my sketch files on my android phone? No models are showing up once I am logged in… I have a Mac computer so, I am not sure if that is the problem. I would like to be able to see my work on my phone.

If anyone knows how to get all their files to show up on the mobile app please let me know

Perhaps you used the ‘hide my email’ option on the Mac, so now you basically have two different Trimble ID’s

On the Mac, goto myaccount.trimble.com and sign in like you used to.
Check the displayed email address.

Use that on your mobile to sign in.

I do see Sam’s regular email address as being a TID for a couple of years, and the Android app doesn’t have a Sign in with Apple option. That doesn’t rule out there being an alternate email, and your steps should help to narrow that down.

I figured it out y’all. I just connected my desktop to my phone via USB cable