Loading Shaderlight Render plug in with SketchUp 2015

I just upgraded to Sketchup 2015. I was using Shaderlight ArtVPS with SU 2014. How do I bring my Shaderlight into SU 2015?

I was curious about this as well… I tried re-installing and manually copying over files without luck. Visiting the Shaderlight Forums, it looks like we will need to wait for an update from them. They created a paid update that was required to be used with SketchUp 2014 (from 2013)… I really hope they do not do the same with SketchUp 2015.

I also am wondering about this.

Shaderlight released an update today (November 18, 2014) that works with SketchUp 2015! Installs and works perfectly and best of all they didn’t charge for the update. Thanks Shaderlight!

Also, for what it is worth, I have at least 4 different versions of SketchUp installed on my Mac. I was a little worried that the installer would find the right directory to place the files but it did. Download the update, install, run SketchUp 2015… all you need to do.

– Matt