Load sketchup 2019 on new machine

I don’t want to upgrade - 2019 is fine for me but buying a new laptop and not clear now how to load my license on there. ( with all extensions) thanks

You can download SketchUp 2019 from sketchup.com/download/all and install it on your new computer. Assuming you have a Classic license you should be able to enter your license information from the e-mail you received when the license came. Hopefully you’ve removed the license from your old laptop(s) if you aren’t using them any longer.

As for extensions, you would install them fresh from their sources. Typically that’s the Extension Warehouse or Sketchucations Plugin Store. If you used the Sketchucation Tools to install extensions from there, you should have a bundle that will allow you to install fresh copies of those extensions as a batch.

Thanks Dave, I was having trouble finding that site since all they want to do now is sell subscriptions.