Load Previous Saved Sketchup Model


Hi Everyone,

I am in a bit of a crisis, I need to restore my sketch up model to an earlier saved point in time, because I screwed something up and I am wondering does my computer store all saves or just the current one. Auto save is turned on.

I am using Windows 10.



Only the last saved version.

How much do you have to change?


Dave I am not sure… Ill just need to restart… I was stopping and starting so much I don’t know what happened and when… But I know it happened late last night…

Autosave does keep multiple saves???


No. It doesn’t. The auto saved version is either from the last auto save interval or the last time you saved it.


ok so I am screwed … better get back to it… Thanks


It might not be that difficult to repair the model but if you start over, it’ll probably go faster than the first time.

If you think you might need to go back to previous versions, you could make it a habit to use Save as… instead of Save and increment or date the file name.


That’s a good idea but I can’t seem to find the original model I made without all the scenes and layers in it… if I could only open the model before all that I could redo together layers and scenes pretty wuickly


So you want to get rid of the scenes and layers? Is that all?

Go to the Scenes window, select all the scenes–select the first, hold Shift and select the last–and then hit the - in the circle at the top of the window.

To select the layers, do the same thing in the Layers window. Don’t select Layer 0 since you can’t delete it anyway.


yes so I can redo… but some of the layers I created are controlling some of the main model, so I don’t know know… can I send it to you?? Please


You should just be able to delete the layers, and choose the first option ‘Move contents to default layer’.


Yes. Send it. I have a few minutes.


Thanks Dave that pretty much gave me a big leg up… THANKS… I moved all contents to default layer… no I have my model back without layers and scenes…



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