Load Errors-2021

Since upgrading to 2021 I received a load error every time I open a model.
I can continue to work as normal. As far as I’m aware the SketchUp program works fine. I simply delete the load error message and continue to work. Does anyone have an idea on how I can rectify this?

This error is caused by Twinmotion, but has no direct influence on SketchUp.
But Twinmotion is probably not working at the moment.

Many thanks
I stopped using Twinmotion and deleted it not long after upgrading to 2021.
Appreciated you feed back

hello, go to your extension manager (window menu) and disactivate twinmotion direct link plugin. Even if you uninstalled twinmotion, this plugin would remain in the plugin folder (it is an add-on separated from the software)

If you are still seeing the error after ‘deleting’ Twinmotion then something is wrong…
You need to be sure that all ‘Twinmotion’ files are gone.
It looks like SketchUp is still trying to load one - an RBE file in the users …/plugins/twinmotion subfolder which fails because an SO file isn’t compiled to suite v2021…

The initial ‘loader’ in …/plugins - twinmotion.RB & its related …/plugins/twinmotion subfolder both need deleting…

AWESOME… Disabled Twinmotion in extension manager and working a treat. NO more error messages. Brilliant. Thanks for the advise.

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