Load a project or start a new project-doesn't show anything on screen - 2019

I recently installed SketchUp Pro 2019 on my laptop and created a project and all was working fine. A few days later now I load the project and nothing appears on screen yet if I export a 2D image I can see it or if I do a print preview I can see it. What happened that this is no longer appearing on screen? Same thing if I create a new project, the tools act like they’re working based on the “Measurement” section shows something is happening but nothing on screen!

Has there been a windows update since it was working? If so this could have changed your graphic card driver.

Go to Window/Preferences/OpenGl and untick ‘Use fast feedback’ and see if that makes it work.

You sir are a genius, this took care of my problem.

Thanks for the very quick response!!

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