LO file keeps crashing and won't open anymore

Hi Guys,

I Worked yesterday all day on my LO file. After completing my work i wanted to final render everything, so i changed settings from vector and raster to hybrid. When i checked the box auto-render my program crashed. Now everytime when i try to re-open my file it just keep stuck and not responding. It just won’t open. When i open just LO as a program itself everything works fine. I’m busy with this issue now for serveral hours because i promissed my client to deliver the project yesterday! (in meanwhile yesterday because the help form of SketchUp Contact also did not work…Jeejj this is my lucky day i guess haha) I already deleted all the SU programms and re-installed it, already updated all my drivers etc. nothing changed. Please help me to figure this out, i need my work…

my pc details are:
Windows 10 pro
AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
Nvidia GeForce RTX3070 8GB


My file won’t upload to this form so i uploaded it to wetransfer. WeTransfer

That’s a 95Mb file! No wonder LO struggles. What makes it so big?

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Is this a big file haha? My previous project was a 220MB file. Didn’t knew it is too big, or also don’t know how to make my files smaller.

Uhm, i guess my viewports? I really don’t know? There are just also a few pictures inside, but those are compressed.

I checked my folder with those pictures and i see i missed one that i didn’t compressed. That will explain at least 18mb. But i really don’t know about the rest…

Might depend a bit on the power of your computer. That would certainly be a very big file for me.

One thing that often bloats files is if you download a lot of complex models from the 3DW.

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Thanks for the reply. Hmm i just recently bought this computer and i guess it should be easy work for this one. But if someone tells me it isn’t, just let me know.
My SU file for this project is just 12mb… so i just don’t get it.

We don’t know anything about your computer from your profile except that it is a PC.

Have you checked out this page:SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements | SketchUp Help?

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Thanks for your reply. I did checked that form, everything should be fine. I also did wrote my pc details in my question above. But i will mention it again:
Windows 10 pro
AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
Nvidia GeForce RTX3070 8GB

At the risk of repeating myself from other threads, it is generally recognized by users that Layout is a highly compromised bit of software that hasn’t been developed enough to keep up with advances in hardware. It is slow even on fast computers and with modest files. When you ask it to do heavy work, it often just falls over, like a couch potato being asked to run a marathon. Even Sketchup itself cannot make use of multithreaded processors.

I believe that what people do to get round the problem is to make sure whatever is sent to LO is optimized so that you are not asking it to do very much rendering. If you just send the SU file without doing that, LO might be trying to do more work than is necessary (processing things or details you won’t see anyway). It might be worth exploring other threads on this topic.

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Thanks for your reply. I didn’t know that about LO, thanks for the information. Do you recommend any other program to make a nice presentation dor my clients?

But still, i need this project working for now. Already put so much time in this work… did you maybe tried to open my file? Is it still working?

No, we Sketchup users are rather stuck with Layout. And I don’t want to sound too downbeat. In conception, it is fantastic. It’s just that it hasn’t kept ahead of the curve and is now way behind it.

I didn’t open your file because of its size. If I decide to try, I’ll let you know if I see anything else. I’m a bit surprised no one else has weighed in here.

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hahah yep that were my toughts as well about SU and LO. In my opinion it is a fantastic programm. Till now i worked just fine with it. Except thats sometimes its just way too slow.

Thanks for letting me know if you decided to try. Yes i hoped some more people would help me out, so far just you haha. I’m glad you do!

the help center of sketchup is still not reachable… :sob: you never need them, till now, and exactly now its not working. :sweat_smile:

@SketchUpTeam maybe you can please help me out here?

Hi Dave,

thanks for your reply. Awesome, i didn’t knew i can also see the files inside a .layout file.

Yes i did copy paste some work from the internet. Just to make a simple moodboard. I will delete those files and save them to a local storage now and the next time i’m making a moodboard.

Just don’t know what you mean about ‘‘exploded viewports’’. Usually i send one scene from SU to LO. When i need another view, i copy the viewport to another page and change the selected scene for another view.

Because the SketchUp support contact page was still not working, i decided to make a new file and start my work over again… oeff haha.

@DaveR i took your advise when i was creating my new file, and made some changes to my template. @simoncbevans my new file with exactly the same looks is now reduced from 95mb to 60mb. And my pc and the LO software is just handeling is without any issues. BUT! When i render every viewport in raster settings, my file is just fine, but when i change my settings to vector or hybrid the same problems are happening to my LO software, crashing or freezing.
I uploaded my new file to wetransfer again. Can someone telling me what i’m still doing wrong and can’t render my viewports except raster?

I was working on your earlier file, and found that a lot of the images are massive. One example was over 4000x6000. I changed most of them to be a smaller size, then opened the file. It took a few hours to open, I think because of an issue in LayOut where it can take a long time to generate the page thumbnails. At the moment I’m waiting for that file to open so that I can then visit each page and save a version that has the thumbnails generated.

Meanwhile, I opened your new file, fairly quickly, and am now trying one of the viewports as vector. It is taking a while. I will report back when it’s finished.


Here is your file with three viewports set to vector:

I then copied a viewport into a new LayOut file, to see what might be taking it so long to go in and out of vector. I think that it’s the vegetation. When I deleted some of those objects I could then go in and out of vector in a couple of seconds. I undid the deleting and saved again, and am now waiting for LayOut to recover from the ordeal.

If you are mainly showing top down views of the scenes, could you use PNGs of photos of vegetation, instead of raw geometry?

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Hi Colin, let me first start to thank you for al the effort you’ve done for me.

The first file was indeed way to big of all the pictures. I must picked the ones that were not comprimed yet. But still i expected more for my pc and from the software LayOut. So the issue is all the vegetation, i can imagine that because those has a lot of lines in there component. For this project, and normally for some scenes, i can save a PNG / JPG image from a scene and put this in my LayOut docs instead of a viewport. But when we are making real electricity plans it won’t work i guess. Also i love the way LayOut works because most of my clients always wanted some changes in the designs, working with LayOut is a greet tool because i can update the viewports and all my scenes will be updated at once.

Is there anything else that would fasten up the workflow? i think my computer has enough power, is it just LayOut which is not ready for my, i guess simple, designs?