LO Crashing on Entering Model View

Hi Everyone - working with a client doing some timber shop drawings training with SKP and LayOut.

LO crashes whenever we try to double click into a SKP view to manipulate the model.

We are working around this at the moment by bouncing back and forth to SKP and adjusting the scenes - not a problem for what he’s doing for shop drawings - 2d to scale views are usually setup once and without trouble - but sometimes its nice to slightly tweak a model’s position and zoom in or out once in LO for the overall model or small details.

Here are specs from his machine. He’s running a laptop with a second monitor. Its been a long long time since I had to mess with video drivers and getting behind the scenes on a PC (been on a Mac for a long while…):

You should be able to do it but you shouldn’t. That is, do it if you must but it is generally frowned upon as you break the link with the SU drawing.

I don’t know if it is related but LO can be pretty sensitive on older machines when you try to do something like change the rendering from Raster to Hybrid (say). On my 2012 iMac, that often caused a crash. On my late 2020 iMac I have not seen it happen, but I can get beachballing.

Yes, I know the reasons why, and run with very clean models myself - but for overall 3d perspective model views we are having an issue where on his machine if we setup a view and move to LO the overall size is too large for the viewport… so we tried to jump into the view and zoomed out a bit and got into crash after crash.

What if, instead of entering the viewport to Zoom, you reduce the size of the viewport so the model fits by dragging the edges or corners of the viewport? If needed, you could tick Preserve Scale on Resize if you need to change the size of the viewport without affecting the size of the model on screen?

Is SketchUp set to use the Nvidia graphics in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings?
Judging by the screenshot, the Nvidia display driver might be somewhat old. Have you tried updating them?
Is SketchUp running on the internal or external monitor?
Is it a Dell laptop? Some users have reported having to disable the UHD graphics to make the Nvidia work reliably.

That’s a good idea. I’ll have him try that at the next session.

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It is a Dell G7 7 something. SKP / LO was running on the second screen, but for our sessions he moves them to the main screen so it’s easier for him to manage when we share screens via Zoom.