LO 24 - Dim Selection & Dim Style Panel Behavior Issue

Using Layout 2024.
If I select a set of dims to adjust the style and the dim style panel is open, the tools in the panel are usable. If I select the same set of dims and the panel is closed and I then open the panel to make changes none of the tools work. I have to unselect the dims and then reselect.

Is this new behavior in 24? Doesn’t happen in LO 22.

see screen grab:

I do not see this on Windows, you must be seeing this on Mac. Correct?

Yes, Mac

Any thoughts about this from Sketchup staff? I think it might be a bug with the Mac.

Hi all… it looks like a refresh bug with the Dimensions UI. I have captured this as a bug and we will prioritize the fix for the next release.

Thanks for bring this to our attention.


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