LiveComponents vs. DynamicComponents

this is serious disadvantage, as I can foresee connection issues and speed being factors

I believe such should be the case for 2020 and prior versions but the code should be hard wired to the the subscription version


Try it out in SUpro 2021. We know we have issues with the time it takes to establish a connection. It currently takes about 8ish seconds to connect to “an engine”. That might be more or less depending on where you are and your connection. We know that kind of a delay is not acceptable long term so we’re working on it. However once the connection is established things are pretty snappy and not to far off from similar operations in SketchUp.

I just tried it. I dropped the network connection while having the LC configuration window open. In such a case you still can change the configuation parameters, but the change is not applied to the object If then you enable the connection again, it will not help. You have to close the configuration window and reopen it. This could be improved by showing a warning/message for no / slow connection.

But other than that it worked fine for me. :slight_smile:

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Right now the “LC engine” is a work in progress (beta stage.) It really does help development that it runs on a cloud server and changes or new features can be “dropped” at any time without rigmarole of formal releases and announcements, requiring users to download and install an extension, etc.

It also enables use in the SketchUp Web editions.


That’s more or less how it is.

An LC is stored as a regular skp/component, but can be ‘revived’. That does require an internet connection though.

That’s right. We are constantly improving the engine and serverside aspects. For some aspects, you might have to wait for SketchUp to update and use those new capabilities, though. But this might be more frequent than SketchUp releases, as it uses served web code. A bit like the 3D Warehouse embed in SketchUp.