Live Stream Sketchup + V-ray

Hello Sketchup team
I enjoy very much your Live Stream every Friday afternoon.
It is really wonderful !!!
One disadvantage is that there is no V-ray rendering which apply to the models.
So I have an idea :slight_smile:
May be it is possible for you to have some cooperation with Chaosgroup so that they will make Live Stream in V-ray for the models that you make in Sketchup live streams.
I think it may probably be very good to have. Do you think it is possible?

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I think that’s a great idea… only catch is to live stream, they will have to be at Tyson or my house (which is where we run the streams from. It’s possible that we could work something like that out once we get back into the office, though!

I think it is not necessary to be in same location for this to happen.
Anyway I think they are located in Europe.
But fortunately these days Digital Communication is great.
So as I imagine it, It is possible that you will send them the final model,
And they will continue with V-ray from this point.
It can be from there location, and can be a day after or so, not necessary to be same day and same location.
Not necessary to be Live Stream, Can be offline video as well.
Anyhow It will be great to have complete Sketchup + V-ray Projects :innocent:

Alas, the way we are set up to do live streams, the presenter DOES need to be in either Tyson or my home. We have played with remote presenters on our live streams, but it means sharing their screen twice (once through hangouts and another time through restream) with the added lag, the process is just not ideal. Once we are back in the office, though I think we will se guests on our streams much more often!

Thank you very much for all of your WONDERFUL teaching and videos :grinning:
And for replies.

And thank you for the kind words! We would love to be able to add things like this to the live streams, but are still a little limited by our remote set ups. In the not too distant future, though, we will be able to get into our office studio and then we will have more options!


OK Thanks!! Lets hope world will become normal as soon as possible :innocent:

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