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Any pointers for getting started with VR in sketchup?

Could use some tips on how to go from Sketchup to g-code for a cnc router that uses v-carve for it’s control if you could please?

Do you have Vcarve? Or you’re hoping to bypass that and go from SU to the CNC? Sadly… there isn’t a native solution. I did try using Fabber to accomplish it, but my CNC was “off-brand” and hard to get working, I ended up getting VCarve Desktop to serve my purposes. (You can take SU files directly into VCarve Desktop/Pro/Aspire.)

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I have the desktop version of v-carve, I didn’t know you could import SU files directly into v-carve but I’ve only had it for 6 hours so far :grinning:

I model large poultry processing factories - I would like to know if there is a setting inside of SKP that prevents “proxies”? from appearing in a large model - this image tries to show what I mean - the left shows the ‘proxies’ which appear every time I pan or orbit and I have to wait for them to “reload”? every time.

If the graphics card has problems to keep up, geometry is simplified to allow relatively smooth rotating. A “faster” style (no profiles, shadows off, …) can help delay the beginning of the simplification. Or a better graphics card.

Here is a better example of my question:

I don’t have a better answer :wink:

My graphics card was the best you could get in 2016 - Nvidea GeForce Titan X - I would think it is NOT down to my graphics card - more like the size of the model? 65Mb

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Hi TheOnlyAaron and SU team. I was the one that came in late to the forum and asked about follow me if the edge isn’t continuous. I was playing around with modeling a 4cyl engine, and there were parts of the piston arm and piston head that had radiused corners that ended in a (for me) weird manner. I was able to do it by using solid tools and creating a corner that went around an entire separate circle, then used planes to intersect and trim, then added and merged the timed piece back to the model. I am thinking that there is a better way? Maybe not. I will attach some pictures.

Especially the edge and face count, with components and subcomponents included. Your screenshots look like there is a lot of the same kind of detail in your models, so perhaps the degraded orbit quality is not to be wondered.