Live Modeling Big Ben

Join us at Noon (MDT) today and we will model the Big Ben!

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This might help.

No trying to sound ‘carping’ :wink:
Actually it’s NOT [properly] called ‘Big Ben’ !
The tower is called ‘The Elizabeth Tower’ - at least since 2012, and before that it was called ‘The Clock Tower’.
Actually 'Big Ben is the name of the largest bell in the clock [13.5t].
Unfortunately it has been ‘misnamed’ around the world for so long, that there’s no point in trying to fix it now - Queen Liz is not amused :angry:
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@TIG It’s okay - We absolved ourselves from this by explaining it at the beginning of the modeling session, and then calling it Big Ben the entire time anyway.

if it’s live modelling it needs all the scaffolding…


I thought Big Ben was a quarterback for the Pitttsburg Steelers🙂

Hi Aaron,
The bells, including the Great Bell (Big Ben), are housed behind the row of gothic, unglazed windows between the clock faces and the first row of dormers in the curved roof. The area between the two curved roofs, with 5 unglazed arches on each side,. is a viewing platform.

Thanks for Sketchup live. You make it look so easy. I’m a relative newcomer to Sketchup and learning more and more every Friday.

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Will you be including all the fighting Politicians within? :wink:

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they need to be in an altogether different tower…

The Tower of London…