Live Modeling a Super Hornet (Boeing F18 E from Top Gun 2)

I love these streams! Watched most of the guitar making too! Just some suggestions for the twitch side of things for better discoverability: there is a 3d modelling tag that you can specify on and most people using that tag (game devs and other modellers) are usually in the art section. Science and technology might be more fitting as a company and all but art would give more discoverability.

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it’s a bit slow…


needs more power…


credit for airstrip model and ruby script goes to Martin Rinehart…

I just added the sky and rewrote the code for v19…


You forgot to light the after burners. :smiley:

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How did you do that, it’s got no bloody wheels!

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the wheels fold up really fast…

@TheOnlyAaron, can you model some working after-burners next week?



If it did have landing gear it would make a really good animation with a full take-off with close ups of the landing gear folding up.

lets see TopGun do this…




I’m tempted to play but after the Helicopter Live animation I’m not stopping up until 3am again. I’ll be up all night with this one.


I’d animate the jet too but sadly, the trial period of keyframe animation has just expired :frowning:

Use Fredo Animator. Available on sketchucation

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Was that a bit of “barn storming” at the end? :wink:

Nice ! How do you do make the sky look like that?

I made a simple low poly sky box…


you can see a seam in the sky as Aaron’s jet climbs into the blue…

keeping the SU ground plane add depths to the earth…

if you make them too big you introduce clipping in close ups…



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Any ideas of what Arron will model tomorrow?

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I think it is a shed, like a cool tuff shed.

Is that like a “boy barn” ? (Ie, the compliment of a “she-shed”.)

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like a man cave? it CAN be used as that but a TUFF shed is a brand of storage shed used for outdoor storage:)

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Ok ok I got it. Just saw the post on YouTube :slight_smile: