Links to external (MS Office) files or URLs


Does anybody knows how to create links to external files (Ms office) that can open in new windows


Please explain more fully. Are you talking about links in WebDialogs? There is no such thing as a link from a SketchUp model itself…


Ten years ago Didier Bur wrote links.rb[Edit: also see SCF PluginStore…]
This will attach URL and File location links to objects and a context-menu to open them.

If all you want is a menu item to open a file then try something like this:‘Help’).add_item(‘Open My DOC’){ UI.openURL(‘file::///full_path_to_the_DOC’) }


There’s also an updated version of Didier’s plugin at the SketchUcation PluginStore

[Links Manager v2.0] 1 — SketchUp plugin by Didier Bur


Thank you for your reply. Here are some additional information.
Basically I want to link a component (or object) to an external text (documentation) file. So when I click on the component, the documentation (e.g. MS Word or EXCEL) should pop-up in a separate window.


So Didier’s ‘links’ plugin should give you a good-start.
I think it works by context-menu, BUT it wouldn’t take much to have a sibling tool that opens a link when some ‘linked’ object is clicked on inside the tool.


Didier added a toolbar to the newer version of links.
Complete with help button