Lineweights not printing correctly when sent to print shop

We use symbols created in Layout and saved to Scrapbook for all our annotation. Everything looks fine in Layout, and when exported to pdf it looks fine when viewed with the system viewer. The pdfs print fine here at the office at 11x17, but when we send to the print shop for full size prints (ANSI D), some of the annotation objects have different lineweights. Here’s a scan of the full size print showing the discrepancy:
Scan.pdf (1.4 MB)

Our LO model is linked here:
And here’s a link to the pdf:

I cannot replicate what is happening with your print shop.
All the line weights remain as I (you) see them in the LO file.

All I can suggest is to ask the print shop if they are manipulating the .pdf file prior to printing. (saving as .tff or other?)
Or…try another print shop.


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Maybe indirectly related, but reminds me of screen resolution which is not native - it can distort line widths unexpectedly.

If you analyse your workflow, is there resolution translation (up and or down) at different points that may have an influence on these distortions?

Maybe try eliminating the pdf format from the workflow (including at the print shop) as a test?