Lines wont make a surface

Project Géo.stl (47.2 KB)
I drew over an image but some of the lines wont create a surface. How can i fix this?

What dimension units are you using when you import the .stl?

What are you going to do with this once you have it imported into SketchUp. Are you intended to go back to .stl to 3D print?

Im using sketchup as sort of a presentation tool for a model, and i dont know what the dimensions are or how to check them, i just started using this software two days ago. I chose to download it as an stl file because that was the only one i was familiar with.

Although i did find a solution so i think im good now

What is the solution you found?

I redid it with not as many small sections

because before i would zoom in really far to get a lot of detail so there was probably a section that wasnt properly connected

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