Lines To Tubes Intersections

Using the Lines to Tubes extension and get gaps at the intersections. Is this normal or am I not using the extension correctly? As always, thanks for your help.

I have not used it for years, but would selecting “yes” for the “Follow me on curves” setting help?

Tried that, no help. Actually tried all the option combinations, no help.

TIG has one try it. Found here , Scroll down the page to a post from DaveR. , he repackaged it. He also has pipe along path.

Weld the edges

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Tried two versions of “Weld” (Tig’s and SU), but would not handle geometry like this:

Another possibility is Profile Builder3 from Mindsight Studios, $$. It does have a trial period.

Turns out that Lines To Tubes is the only one I have found that will handle branches. The only problem is the gaps. Weld will remove these gaps on segments that do not have branches. Between a rock and a hard place.

With branches, no weld

Without branches and welded

This is why I suggested PB3.

PB3 has it’s own set of problems, not to mention it’s cost …