Lines disappearing

This is very odd! I’m drawing a garage on an angle and the some of the lines I’ve drawn keep dropping out. I tried re-drawing and saving, but the same happened. Just random lines disappear.

I’m not seeing an option of upload a file to show you.

Any ideas what to do? Thanks in advance.

Click on the upload icon within the editing screen (for adding your attachments).

It’s nearly impossible to troubleshoot this without seeing your file. If this is a situation that developed recently, it may result from:

  1. either a newly installed plugin; or
  2. the need to update your video adapter or its driver or both.

Send the skp file and you are more likely to get a solution.

I suspect your issue may be related to your placement of raw geometry on layers other than Layer0.

First, unless you consider yourself well-versed in the use of layers in SU, read the following:

Does SketchUp support layers?

Then, please feel free to challenge these principles or discuss their implications, if you wish.


No new plug-ins. Graphics card is Nvidia K2000–no issues previous to this. All work was done on a single layer (as far as I know, although that could be right!).

Thanks for the upload icon notice–it was not there previously.

Here is the file (WIP). Some of the lines connecting the panels have dropped out and previously-erased horizontal lines (connecting some of the panels at their tops) have reappeared.

We would need to see the .skp file. Can’t really tell anything from the image.


See if this works!

I decided to reconstruct part of the wall area and that seemed to work at first, but then the same thing happened, plus irregular section (where I had drawn no lines) turned blue, lines dropped out randomly, and other lines just showed up (again, where I had never drawn any lines). All very odd to me. Hopefully you all can figure out what’s going on!


sketchuplinesdisappearing–2.skp (270.6 KB)

The geometry is racked.
You’re fighting the Inference Engine when you attempt to model off-axes.

Simply align the Drawing Axes to the desired orientation of the garage, and then model it.
Right context click on any Drawing Axis > Move

Here’s more about Axes

Aha–so that’s what it is! Thanks!

But since it’s a wing angled off the main house built on the normal axes, would it start acting up again when I change back to normal axes?

In the past, I’ve modeled several buildings with odd angles and never had a problem!