Lines disappear when using pencil tool

I am trying to draw a profile on a rectangle with the pencil tool. As soon as I try to draw the last line or close the profile all the lines disappear. Please help.

How about uploading an example file in which you see this happen? Upload the SKP file

Box Top .skp (25.7 KB)
Hello, Yes as you can see on the right side of the box I have a verticle guide line. As soon as I finish the profile on the box top along the verticle line all the profile lines disappear and the pencil stops drawing. If I undo the line the other lines reappear. I am working in fractions of inches. I have noticed that Sketchup struggles when one uses relative small dimensions. Is there something I should adjust? Thank you. Regards, Deon.

In the style, you have turned off display of edges.edges


Hi Dave,
Thank you very much.
Your help is much appreciated.

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