Lines and faces issues

Got another question. Why is it that when I delete the line on the bottom of the door it deletes the entire back face of this wall? Or if it leaves the back face it deletes the bottom face? I’ve had this issue happen before and don’t know what causes it. Thanks!
14x14 Log A-Frame.skp (330.6 KB)

I think you’ve got a bunch errors in terms of where the edges and endpoints are (unless the shape is deceptively complex)

this is also indicated by both sides being segmented, they are actually curved, which means the corners of each part of each side are not on the same plane.

The vertical sides of each side are not actually vertical and not on the blue axis, they are actually a little slanted.

I’ve turned on the “color by axis” setting in the style, the vertical blue I’ve drawn line not being blue is a giveaway it’s off axis.

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I can’t quite follow what you mean but turn on ‘View Hidden Geometry’ to see that your wall is triangulated. The bottom edge is running over the entire base length of the wall. You need to model with more care.

oops, @Elmtec-Adam beat me to the answer.