Line width to match drill bit

I am using SketchUp to create a cutting path for a CNC machine. Problem is the drill bit on the CNC machine has a width but lines in SketchUp do not. This makes it very difficult to model the actual size of my parts. So… is there an easy way to add a width to my lines in SketchUp?

One thing you could do is model the parts to their desired dimensions and then use Offset to create the tool path.

There are a few different extensions out there that will do this for you but it’s really not that difficult to offset the edges to half the diameter of the cutter.

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The tool path editors I’ve used all allow you to specify which side of a line you want the tool to follow, and the editor then offsets the tool as required. So no need to worry about line width in SketchUp for this.

Cool, thanks. Although annoying, the offset tool will get the job done.

I’m using easel… it’s very basic and doesn’t offer things like that. It just ends up cutting half the width of the bit on both sides of the line.