Line weights, Hatches and Material names below the materials

Dear SU developers,

As you might know now, more and more professionals rely on SU for doing the job…and therefore I would really love to have:

  • Hatches in section cuts (Just add an extra material to the material itself…easy)
  • Line weights!
  • Material names below the material images!

Well actually, that’s all. And to speed up Lay-Out ofcourse, but that’s where I’ve been asking for since the beginning (little tip: create 2d drawing of section cuts in Lay-Out, this makes LO blazing fast)

Stay safe!
Kind regards.

Interestingly, you can select, say, a pattern for the hatch fill but it doesn’t seem to show up.

Line weights would be nice but of course there is no such thing as a line in SU. Technically what we think of as lines are edges and I guess lineweights might muck up the thickening of profiles. Mind you, we used to think we would never get broken lines…

I do have names of materials when I hover over them. Maybe that is just for Mac.

Hi Simon,
Like a secondary fill which is only meant for a section cut…How easy is that! This should definitely be easy to implement.

And…yes, you can hover and see the material namen (as well on pc) but then each time you’ll have to search for the material.

I don’t know what you mean by a secondary fill. I can see lots of reasons for keeping textures for use in all circumstances rather than having two systems alongside one another.

As for materials, you are right but it would take a lot of screen real estate to show all that text. I think I might be inclined to load the materials I want to start with and then select the In Model tray so that I don’t have too much to choose from.

This has been requested numerous times. Hopefully it will be implemented. For now you can use TIGs SectionCutFace to place actual faces in section cuts. Since they are actual geometry, you can add textures and you can texture different parts of the section cut face for different materials as in this example.

That’s on Mac. Not available on the PC although it doesn’t really matter since fills currently only take colors.

Been requested many times. Keep your fingers crossed.

The material names show when you hover over them on the PC, too.

It might be nice to have a thumbnail and name option but I wouldn’t use it. It would take up too much space in the Materials panel. Look at the lengths of many of the material names when you hover over the. Even with the extra large thumbnails, they are longer than the thumbnails are wide.
Screenshot - 7_9_2020 , 6_46_24 AM

Screenshot - 7_9_2020 , 6_48_41 AM

So either the cells for the grid would have to be wider or the text would have to wrap to a new line. In either case that would just make the materials panel longer.

Thanks for your post and reply Dave. Yes I’ve been working witg Tig’s plugin and that can work…However it can be MUCH easier!

Regarding the material names, that can be much easier as well…just underneath the icon! Voila!

If you want to apply the same material to all of the fill, it’s great. I suggested TIG’s extension because it works right now.

I know, but with changes and updates it’s getting tricky(TIG’s plugin). The fill is applied to each material, not to the entire section fill.

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