Line weight/color fill problem

I am hoping for help with the following problem. IT has to do with Layout generating diagonal color fill-in when I adjust line weights.
I generally use Sketchup for architectural 2D plan site layouts, and here is the problem, and the method I use which presumably generates the problem. The screensaves below come from the basic drawings for a simple townhouse layout

  1. I make the line drawing in SU, create a scene, and save.

  2. I insert this into Layout, select the scene in the SU model pane, check the preserve scale box, select a scale, and select vector instead of raster, select the same scale in the Dimension style pane, then select Explode from the Edit menu, then Ungroup, and Ungroup again. I save the drawing at that point and then fill various areas with color. See attachment “Dalton test colors”.

  3. I then start to change the line weights. Some lines are joined but need different line weights. See attachment “Dalton test colors & line select”, showing a group of connected lines that need to be separated.

  4. I use the split tool to separate the lines, but this does strange things to the color areas, producing triangular areas with the colors removed. See “Dalton test colors & line select & split”.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?

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You’re splitting a closed area into seperate lines… any area that needs a fill, needs to be enclosed on all sides. Just try out the split and join tools on some shapes you create in LayOut… You’ll quickly see how they work, and it will be a bit clearer than when editing SketchUp info.
In the use case you’re showing I would just seperately draw an orange rectangle to sit beneath the linework.

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Thanks very much for the suggestions. I’ll try them out.
All the best

I have been trying your proposal - doing my base drawing in Sketchup
using rectangles for base areas as much as possible, and going over the
rectangles with lines whose properties can be adjusted in Layout. It is
not 100% and sometimes there are still lines to be fudged in Layout by
copying a line with similar properties and pasting it over the problem
line, But the overall result is that there are only a couple of
corrections needed instead of dozens.
Thanks again