Line type issues in SU Tag window

hello there,

I’m working on a model in which the line types dispears.
I explain, in the tag window when I click to chose the line type of the selected tag the list appears but with the same type of line for all choices.

here is the skp file : B100.skp (59.2 KB)

I’m working now with SU 2020, but the bug is the same with 2021.
It’s possible to get the line types back by importing the object in a new file not corrupted. but I have the same problem on a large file full of scenes and this method make me loose the scenes.

my questions are :
is there a way to get the line types back within the file ?
is it possible to import the scenes from another skp file ?


Very odd behavior. I checked the available dash styles in the file I had open before looking at yours and saw the following.
Screenshot - 4_30_2021 , 6_09_20 AM

But when I open your file I see the same thing you show. I copied your model to a new file that shows the dashes correctly. Does it show them correctly for you?
B100.skp (61.7 KB)

that’s correct. it also works with the file/import command.

So you mean the dashes in the file I uploaded are correct on your end?

yes, there where correct.

If you start a new file do the dashes appear correctly?

yes, it works again on a new file.

So some how you had an anomaly. Keep your eyes open in case it happens again or you figure out how to induce it.

yes, that’s my strategy. but it’s the first time I enconter this problem.

in fact it happens on a large file I’m working on. the components made and saved from this corrupted file embed the problem. like the one I uploaded.

my problem is to find a way to save all the scenes of that huge file. if I import it in a new file it will restore the line types but the scenes will be lost.

any idea ?

Eneroth View Memory from the Extension Warehouse.

that’s exactly what I was looking for.