Line Color Tool Needed

On-the-fly line color tool needed! Current options take too much time and are burdensome.

The current options take much time once to set up “line color by material” (which you could save into the template). Afterwards it is just about using the native Paint Bucket Tool.

It makes no sense to add a Paint Bucket Tool for lines that does basically the same as the current one can do on lines. So it must somehow use a different approach. Can you elaborate how a Line Color Tool would have to work to be more efficient?

Painting edges, especially one by one, is rather difficult. SketchUp doesn’t allow you to select your material beforehand (why, btw?), so to get your edge or face to use a material always requires two operations and tools. First you create your geometry and then you paint it with the paint bucket tool. Another approach might be to be able to select a material other than the default to be used as the current material, and new objects would be in that material directly.


(I was thinking only about created geometry, not about creating new geometry.)

So I could think of two possible solutions:

  • Choose a default material that is automatically applied to new
    entities of any kind (currently it is “none” / nil)? This would be
    more generic, not just one new tool, but apply to all tools that
    create geometry (lines and faces).
  • Have a specific Line Painting tool that makes it easier to paint small edges (wider aperture / click tolerance, paint all connected edges, prevent accidentially painting faces)

Hi. Thanks for responding. I guess I’m use to the line drawing/coloration options available with cad or PS. Seems much more flexible/user friendly than with SU. Maybe it’s just me?

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I used this plugin in the past, but it may need updating…

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

fredo’s ThruPaint (part of FredoTools-> [Plugin] FredoTools - v4.3a - 06 Mar 22 • sketchUcation • 1) can paint edges… you can filter off faces and turn on just edges so only edges will be colored… (ie- use it sort of like sketchup’s eraser tool to brush over multiple edges at once)

I’ll give this a try.

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