Limiting geometry in scenes

Hello all
I was wondering if it’s possible to add geometry to a scene without it adding to every scene in a project.

The content of a model does not vary from scene to scene. What can change is visibility of individual entities, either because of the hidden flag or by a tag that is set non-visible.

Thanks for your response Steve.
I’ve been using tags and hiding but it’s very cumbersome to go through each scene to make the change. Maybe I’m using tags and hiding incorrectly. I’ll look into more throughly.

I have found that Outliner and Tags in combination are valuable. In Outliner I have distinct sections of my model (groups and components) separated under some headings that make sense for the project being worked on.
That scheme allows me to hide large sections of my model that are not involved in the current scene.

Thanks Richard.
I had not considered using outliner. I’ll look into it.

If the model is evolving; for example a design is preliminary pending customer approval. And then some further additions are made. The additions may or may not be in view of the original scenes. A series of scenes have been prepared and used in a Layout presentation.
To avoid going back and updating a large number of scenes, I include a couple of “future area” groups in my original outline. the Future Areas are hidden in all my original scenes. Thus no scene updates required after the additions in future areas…

I’m not sure I understand what you wrote, but it did make me remember another thing that varies from scene to scene: the camera position. Things that are not “in frame” are effectively invisible even though they are still present in the model.