Lights not emitting any light even at full intensity?

Hello everyone, I am very new to 3D rendering but I have a question about lighting in V-Ray. I manage to create a light (in my case rectangular but I tried with any type) however the light itself does not emit any lighting to the interior. When I change the intensity only the intensity of the Rectangular lightbox changes without any light emitting to the scene again. What am I doing wrong?

Is the Rectangle Light correctly oriented?

Or at least Double Sided active?

You choose Units: Radiant power (W)

Radiant Power (W) – Total emitted visible light power measured in watts. The intensity of the light does not depend on its size. This is not the same as the electric power consumed by a light bulb. A typical 100W light bulb only emits between 2 and 3 watts as visible light.

Also see:

Directionality – When this value is 0, the light is spread out equally in all directions. Increasing this value makes the light beam more narrow and concentrates it in one direction.

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