[License] Why isn't SketchUp Working Offline?

Hi Colin or person in charge

Pls advise if you will be able to provide the OFFLINE Licenses for my Sketchup Pro 2020 as you did for my 2018 version.

As my computer is perpetually not connected to internet due to security reasons.

I hope you can reply to me as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Nancy Hilario

I can reply reasonably quickly sometimes! Something you should know, your 2020 license was superseded by an upgrade to 2021. If you have no particular reason to stay with 2020, you may as well use your 2021 license. I just had the license manager page send your 2021 license to you.

Yes, we can make an offline license. Could you use the contact form to send in a request for that? In the message, include your support at integral-sg email details, and also the MAC address of the computer that will be using SketchUp 2021. Include the system user name as well. ‘nancy’ perhaps!

While signed in with your integral-sg email, go to this page:


The Message Us option should be available. If you are asked for a serial number, put in the one that arrived in the email I just sent.

One potential problem is that your support ran out. I hope that won’t matter, and I will tell my colleagues to expect to hear from you. If you fail to get through on the tech support contact page, try the customer service one:


There is a special offer discount for the first two years of SketchUp Pro subscription. If you think you are going to need more support in the future, and would like to be up to date with the latest version, you should look into that option.

Hi Colin

Thank you so much for the 2021 License.

I know, I have 2 license of 2019.

Is it possible to ask for the upgrade?

I will follow your instructions

How to request for the offline license.

Pls give me a few days…

‘appreciate your kind support.

Best Regards


You can have SketchUp installed on two computers, so yes, if both must be offline all the time, send in two sets of MAC address, and we can make two offline licenses.

Hi Colin

Our users are trying to install the software online.

This is the request from the IT staff:

May I know the port number for sketch up so that we can open the gate for our machines. Is there only 1 port number for all the versions?

If there are more, pls advise the values for each .



What type if license do you have?
Network licenses need access to port 5053 and 50530 to connect to the license servers and some general used ones.

Hi Mike

We have the perpetual license.

Are we able to install it in a network using the ports?

Pls advise.

Thank you.


Check this help page:

Administering a Network License | SketchUp Help

Hi Mike

Thank you.

Best Regards