License Update

Hi All,

After a lot of soul searching and a project that I am half way through, I have decided to renew for another year. However, having purchased my new license the subscription still gives me the message that it will run out on the 18th. Any ideas what I have to do? Disaapointing given that this was the major update that they did last year!!!

Probably just need to sign out and sign back in.

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I looked at your subscriptions, and the one that ends in a couple of days shows as Activated. The new one that you paid for on the 14th shows as Pending. The end date for the new one is March 17th next year, not March 14th.

Many people use the auto renew option, and so the next 12 months begins when the current 12 months end. As you renewed manually, you have an overlap. From the status words it seems that instead of starting the new one right away, and having it end 12 months later, the current one is left to run out, and then the new one will kick in.

If on Friday you start to see messages about the subscription having ended, do the sign out and sign in that Dave suggested. Then it should activate the new subscription.

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