License renewal shell game?

So I have a question for Colin. I have a 2016 Pro version I’m just a hobbyist, 60% off for a new 2021 SketchUp Pro license? Or will this be a yearly subscription?
Not really interested in paying a subscription but would like to have the latest 2021 SU update then go along and not receive any more updates or participate in subscriptions, do I have this correct as my choice? Thanks John

From 4th november 2020, you can no longer get ‘perpetuals’, only subscribe. So the 60% off is the first year, after that you will pay 299 p/y. If you don not renew the subscription, you won’t be able to use the 2021 anymore. ( The Free Web-based modeller could be enough for your hobby-needs?)
You get to keep the 2016 license, though, and the Trimble Connect extension works in that version, too.
So you could use the extensions you currently have running in 2016 to create stuff, and then upload to the Cloud to model in the web based modeller.
Start a trial first of 2021 and then decide if it would be worth the cost!
(Live components are available in the web, too)

Wait, I just subscribed with the two-year discount. Are you saying that, when that subscription expires and I choose not to renew, whatever current version I am using will cease to function? Tell me this is not the case, please.

Correct - the subscription-based product will cease to function when the subscription expires.

If you have an install of an earlier version which was activated via a classic perpetual license, that older version will continue to work (assuming that the computer and operating system you are using at that time still permit the old version to execute and behave correctly), completely independently of any subscription or lack there-of.

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Oh, that’s rather grim news and I was not aware that a terminator gene was part of the deal. That means I would be unable to open any older files created with SketchUp. They would essentially cease to exist.
Having just come to terms with losing my classic license, I am struggling to retain some equanimity here, my outrage meter is in the red. Better leave it at that.

After a subscription expires, the files could still probably be opened by SketchUp Free on the web for browsing (if the files are ~100MB or less I think) and possibly for editing (depending on whether extensions are needed for edits, for example).

You might also prepare before the expiration by back-saving important files to an earlier version of SKP format, for example to a classic perpetual version (2016, 2017, etc.) that you have. Then you could open and work on those files with the older classic version.

I am currently running Pro 2020, version 20.1.228. Is that one that will terminate with lack of subscription?

As much as I possibly could, I’ve been telling people who had support for some time into the future to wait until that support runs out before migrating. My worry at the time was that if you migrated ahead of the release of 2021, your license would be marked as not upgradable, because you had migrated.

Fortunately, in the end we upgraded anyone whose license was under support after November 4th. So, although you migrated on November 9th instead of the April 14th that you could have done, that didn’t make you lose your upgrade to 2021. I just had the license system send you your 2021 license, in case you didn’t have it.

If after two years you decide you don’t like subscription, you would fall back on your permanent 2021 license. Before the end you will have done a Save As files that you want to be able to continue working on, to make them be 2021 format files.

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Thank you Colin, got it, that helps.