License renewal shell game?

Kerplunk… the penny drops. Or Ka-ching the subscription begins.
Wow, thanks 3DCobarr, amazing research!

“The only people in the world, it seems, who believe in the conspiracy theory of history are those of us who have studied it.” - Pat Shannon


It’s not a conspiracy for a company (a business) to try to make a profit, or plan accordingly.

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Do it just before your renewal day, otherwise you are effectively paying twice for support for the next few weeks.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the clarification. Helps my planning for next year.



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I’m concerned about this as well. If I keep my SU2020 I hope I can at least open up files with the older program without the functionality of SU2021 and newer.

This has pretty much been the case with SketchUp. You can open older files. With some software I’ve seen this erodes over time, so UPDATE those files, from much older versions. that are really important to you.


Thanks pbacot.

Warning - there is (at least) one problem with updating your older SU files to the newer versions. I recently built a simple file (added an outdoor water tank - simple, upright cylinder) in SU2020 to a geo-located file along with Placemaker files of surroundings. Saved file in 2020. Exported to KMZ. Opened KMZ in Google Earth 3d terrain. GE showed all Placemaker buildings but no water tank. Hmmm. Re-did file in SU2018, saved to KMZ, opened in GE and WOW - water tank appears. But, if I opened the 2020 file and copied the water tank and then “paste-in-place” into my 2018 file, the tank would NOT appear in a KMZ view in GE.
Fun stuff . . . !
So, be careful.

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Pardon me, the one that worked was a SU2016 - my bad . . .

Or the flip side where the owner of the box thinks it’s a winner and just keeps putting out the “Test Your Stupidity” boxes regardless.

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Thanks 3DCobarr,
Very interesting! Now Trimble’s actions and schedule starts to make sense …


Well, despite my complaints, I am trying to migrate. Much easier said than done. I have 160 days on my current M&S, but using the link on the ‘migrate now’ email gives price that does not reflect the promised $240 rate.!
Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 5.46.37 AM|690x340
Also, can’t billing site won’t allow me to remove the annual plan billing of $299,
I change it to ‘0’ and it changes back to 1
Have contacted the help folks, can’t talk, but left too messages and have not heard back for going on three days.

I’ve had similar issues. When I tried to subscribe (I have a current ‘perpetual’ license) it wouldn’t let me. Now after the Nov 4th date I can’t do it - my classic license runs out 2021/09/06. I’ve had issues transferring my existing license to a new Mac too… Wont recognise it.

No idea what to do…

Yes, the migration process should not be so difficult to carry out. I don’t know if it is a glitch in the billing site code or something I am just not able to figure out.
There have not been any new suggestions from mentors, but I have looked back at previously posted links and tried them with out success. I would hope that there is a way to proceed at this point.

I looked for messages from you, and didn’t see anything since we last chatted 11 months ago. Where was it that you contacted to get help?

Morning Colin, thanks. I called the help line, don’t recall if it was sales or tech. I left two messages with contact info explaining briefly my problem trying to migrate with the classic discount. Did not hear back. This would have been Nov 2 & 3.

The second screen shot shows my current M&S situation. When I clicked on the ‘Migrate’ link, the pricing did not reflect a discount and I could not remove the single year billing – setting it to ‘0’ would not stick.
Any help would be welcomed, thanks.

What would be the best number to call to try and sort this out?

I found your voicemail, and it’s assigned to the best person to handle the problem. Things will work out ok.

One funny thing, I used SketchUp since version 3, and managed to play around with it with the 8 hours trial back then, all the way through version 3 and 4. I did eventually buy it during version 5, as did you. Your serial number predates mine by a little bit, I was about 1600 customers behind you.

Excellent! A relief to know it’s in the works. Thanks.

Okay, I’m legal, thanks.