License not working on second computer

Dear Friend,
I found out that I can use my licensed SUPro on two computers one at a time.
I downloaded SUPro on my desktop, (i have it already on my laptop PC), but can not input license.
Error says that I have used my license on too many computers, which can’t be true.
Is there a way you can help me find out what other computers it thinks that I have installed the license on;
so that I can uninstall it. I think this might be a mistake because I have not done this since receiving the license.

Thank you so much for your help and patience.

where did you have bought the license?

i bought in the US, California.
2499 Melru Lane
Escondido, CA 92026
to be exact.
Hoa Vy Trinh was the name

You bought SketchUp from Deer Park Monastery in California? Are they an authorized SketchUp reseller?

ETA: According to the SketchUp site, there are no authorized resellers in the US.

via eBay? = maybe a pirated license?

contact the SketchUp Pro Support.

I doubt SU Pro Sales can do anything as the OP choose to bypass Pro Sales. Sales in the US have always been handled by the folks in Boulder.

Some software vendors do licences to be transferred, but I don’t know if SU is one of them and there is some paperwork that needs to shared with the vendor to be registered properly.

Being a victim of piracy is more of a law enforcement matter.

[quote=“catamountain, post:6, topic:25984, full:true”]
I doubt SU Pro Sales can do anything…[/quote]

just for validating if this is a legitimate license and if yes… for resetting the counter.

I bought it online from this site, using our non-profit status of our
Deer Park Monastery, LLC in California, US.

thank you for your time and advice.


@phapdung: Non-profit organizations with current (501)©(3) status may qualify to purchase discounted licenses through our Educational Licensing Program, as you have in this case through Creation Engine. Please co
Please contact Creation Engine directly for SketchUp assistance, license information, local support and for upgrade terms.

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@Lisanne beat me to the punch!

Like she said, you’re best bet is to contact the company that you purchased through. Educational copies have different rules as far as multiple installations, but I don’t know exactly how that works. Creation Engine will know, though.