License issue with Pro 2022 - forced reset and crash

Yesterday, SU Pro started to lock up on me and finally crashed. I reboot my PC and when re-opening SU, had to agree to a new Trimble agreement and found that I was logged out of “all things SU”. After logging in (which took a while because the confirmation code took a while to receive), ALL of my tools, views and other settings including my Space Mouse settings were reset! Today, SU crashed again and while I didn’t have to re-log in, all settings were reset, again!

What happened and will this continue to happen?!?

It sounds like your PrivatePreferences.json file was deleted. Do you have any sort of Windows backup system in place? If you do, in File Explorer you can go to this folder:

%localappdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp

That’s where PrivatePreferences.json is. If you do have a backup of that file from a few days ago, it should have your settings from that time.